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JohnMark Pool thank you so much for writing Path of A Prophet and encouraging me to read it. It touched me so much.

I started reading it and had difficulty at first. Then something in my heart ❤️ was opened up by God and when I began to read it I couldn’t put it down. It changed things for me. The love ❤️ you and your wife have for people is so real. I’ve experienced so much pain in my life and while reading your book I’m experiencing the love of my Father like never before. He’s binding up my broken heart with his amazing love like only He can do. I’m encouraged that even though I took a detour from my call, he still has a wonderful plan for my life and he cares about me. I’m no longer an abandoned vessel wondering around no place to go. The Lord has filled me with his love ❤️ and forgiveness and is healing every place where I have been hurting.

Thank you so much again! I love ❤️ you and your wife very much for sharing your heart and allowing the Lord to use your testimony to help others return to an ever loving Father.

❤️ Patricia

An Amazing Journey in Search of Love,

By Richard R. Blake (San Leandro, CA)

“The Path of a Prophet” is a chronicle of JohnMark Pool’s spiritual journey. JohnMark uttered his first word of prophecy as a three year old toddler. At age seven he responded to the salvation message and began preaching a few years later.

His journey took some detours over the years. These wrong turns are related here in hopes that the reader will be able to avoid the same mistakes. I, personally, appreciated JohnMark’s openness in making himself vulnerable to the reader. This openness reveals his dependence on the Lord for his strength and his desire to bring honor to the Lord.

Returning from a preaching mission, JohnMark came home an empty house. His wife had left him with their children and furniture. Heartbroken and devastated JohnMark sought the Lord for His will and spiritual and emotional healing.

Two years later as an active staff member of a large church JohnMark faced another set back. His staff position was abruptly terminated and he was banished from ever returning to the church property. Once more, claiming God’s love, and faithful to God’s calling on his life, as a prophet, JohnMark went on to follow God. The Lord provided a new beginning in worldwide prophetic ministry and blessed him with the love he had been seeking for a lifetime.

Beautifully written “Path of a Prophet” is an amazing love story of God for man, and a man’s answer to the call of God on his life. Compelling.

Tommy Tenney

JohnMark Pool, I have a Word for you, my friend—‘FAVOR’— you have God’s FAVOR on your life!”
—   Tommy Tenney

Internationally respected author and founder of God Chasers Network Ministries. www.GodChasers.net

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“My ‘Brother in the Christ,’ JohnMark Pool, I thank God for you. I can see God in you. I can tell you have Him! God has great things in store for your life! Your brother and friend,”
—  Jason Crabb

Jason Crabb-The Crabb Family

Gospel-Grammy & Dove Award winners

“Thank you, JohnMark Pool, for coming to our great State of Pennsylvania.

JohnMark, God bless you for your ministry and your God-anointed Words.”

Senator Stewart J. Greenleaf
12th Senatorial District
State of Pennsylvania

[Senator Greenleaf gave this quote in person at the close of JohnMark Pool’s invitation to speak and share public & private moments of words and prayers at the State Capitol Building in Harrisburg, PA on May 3, 2006].

JohnMark Pool (l.) & Sid Roth (r.) on Sid’s “It’s Supernatural” international TV program.
JohnMark Pool is a true prophet of God. He accurately predicted the New Orleans flood and devastation by Hurricane Katrina to the Southern Coastal Region of the USA. He not only predicted it but was willing to go on international TV on my show, “It’s Supernatural” weeks prior to Katrina hitting New Orleans.”

Sid Roth,
Founder, Messianic Vision

Bishop Bill Hamon, Founder Christian International Ministries Network.

“I put you among your own company, among a ‘Company of Prophets,’ among a ‘Company of Prophets and Apostles’ that will now not only activate the anointing, the calling and destiny that has been invested within you, but you will draw from them and they will draw upon you, and we will draw from one another. So the Lord says, One can put a thousand to flight, but two can put 10,000 to flight, and the Lord says you are going to be bound together with My Company of Prophets,” and the Lord says,
Prepare and make ready the way of the Lord to the people for the Coming of the Lord.

The Lord says, “My son, get ready for a major geographical launching, for you will go to this Nation and that Nation, you are going to go to this church and that church, to this place and that place;
And the Lord says, “you are in the right place and I will put you in the right place at the right time, for My People, for My Destiny, for My Calling, for My work.”

Northwest Christian Fellowship Church
Pastor Michael & Heather Watkins
Varnell, Georgia

“Before we started digging the foundation for our new sanctuary, Prophet JohnMark Pool now based out of Liberty Hill, Texas, prophesied that springs of living water would flow from our new sanctuary; as we started digging the foundation we hit two springs in one corner, and an old hand dug well in the opposite corner. So there are actual springs of living water flowing from the very foundations
of this ministry both physically and spiritually.”

Pastor Michael Watkins, NWCF, Varnell, GA